Data Backups Onsite and Offsite


Data Backups Onsite and Offsite

It is always a good idea to have a back up for your back up.  Just like the saying “its better to be safe than sorry”, you can always back up your information offsite even if you back up the data onsite.

According to ETech7, “One of the most unfortunate aspects of the modern world is that far too few businesses even take the necessary amount of time to back up their data in the first place. While doing so is a pragmatic solution to a large number of problems your business is inevitably going to face, it is also not an especially popular option. When your business’s data is corrupted, however, the effectiveness of having it backed up in reserve immediately becomes a rallying point for getting back to business as usual after something otherwise morale breaking happens.”

It is a good idea to have both onsite and offsite data backups.  Make sure that both your onsite and offsite backups are in sync, so if something were to happen, you would be able to easily recover everything that you need to resume your normal business activity.

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