The Expense of Losing Data


The Expense of Losing Data

When and if your data were ever corrupted or lost, it is key to have a back up copy so that you can restore all of the necessary data without having to start from scratch.  Backing up information onsite is a good start but it is also important to have an offsite backup copy of your information in the event that the onsite backup was damaged.

If you have not backed any of the information up, it can be costly when and if something were to happen.  According to ETech7, “Every moment your employees spend costs you money. If you have not taken up a solid offsite server backup plan and implemented it, after a data loss event your employees will be costing you more money than they make you for awhile. When your employees are using their salaried time to reassemble lost data or trying to piece together vital information to retain customers or fulfill orders, they are not driving new sales and producing high value for your business.”  This is something that can be avoided if backup copies are made of your valuable data.

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Source: Emil Isanov, ETech7. (May 3, 2013). “Server Data Backup Saves You Money”.