Hard Drive Encryption


Hard Drive Encryption

In keeping with the theme of security, if you are storing valuable information on your machines, it is a good idea to encrypt your hard drives.  This way you are protecting your information in case your hard drive is breached.  Tech Republic identifies five applications that will assist you in encrypting your hard drive.

One application that Tech Republic identifies as a good application to use is TrueCrypt.  Tech Republic states “you can protect all of your drives with high-grade AES and Blowfish encryption schemes, prevent pesky snoops from peeking inside files and even incorporate highly secure boot-strapping.  If you are extra paranoid, TrueCrypt can even create a dummy partition with a separate key you can divulge under duress, keeping your confidential partition from ever seeing the light of day.”  This is one application that Tech Republic identifies as a good application for encryption.  This program is great if you have information that you are worried about in terms of security.

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Source: Matthew Nawrocki, Tech Republic. (May 16, 2013). “Five Apps for disk and file encryption in Windows”.