July, 2014

21 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

Your iPhone can do all sorts of magical things that you probably aren’t aware of. Here’s a list of some of the iPhone’s coolest hidden features. 1. Shake to undo Make a mistake while typing or editing a picture? No worries! Just give your phone a little shake—like you’re making a martini— and it’ll ask […]
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Autotask Comm Live 2014!

MNI Attends Autotask Comm Live 2014! In Miami Florida. Eric Marcus CEO presents a workshop on “The Sales Process: How I Hit Double-Digit Growth!”, also presents on panel – “AT CommunityLive Panel – Keys to Streamlining Service Operations. ”
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Dell.com interviews Marcus Networking on Thin Clients

The devices rely on remote servers and may offer better security and storage options. By Michael O’Dwyer – Tech Page One April 07 2014 Here’s a question many businesses should be asking themselves these days: Do I want “fat clients” or “thin clients”? No, we’re not talking about the weight of your customers. Rather, it’s the type of […]
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