3 Ways to Make the Most of Valuable Business Hours

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3 Ways to Make the Most of Valuable Business Hours

Every up-and-coming business only has so many hours in the day. Between innovation, driving sales, and tracking results, there is always plenty of work to go around. When you think about how to increase productivity, you often first consider hiring more employees. After all, many hands make light work, right? Well, before you jump headfirst into the lengthy hiring process, you should first consider changing your current systems.

With some minor changes in your day-to-day workflow, technology management, and meetings, you can create a work environment that reaps plenty of rewards, without the addition of part-time hires or dreaded overtime shifts for your valued employees.

Develop Succinct Meeting Agendas

Meetings are often some of the most unnecessary parts of the office workday. Re-evaluate who needs to attend meetings, and follow a strict agenda to get things done in every meeting. A common byproduct of unguided meetings is wasted time, so only hold meetings if they are truly necessary.

Outsource Your Technology Management

Obviously, 2022 has seen a humongous rise in managed IT services for small businesses. After suffering a cyberattack, it only takes 6 months for an alarming 60% of small businesses to shut down. New malware threats and hacks are something your company doesn’t have time to worry about, so outsource your IT services to the experts. Not only are these dedicated IT support companies recommended to prevent future data compromising issues, but they can also help to improve your existing spam filtering systems. Stop wasting time weeding through spam emails, and get more valuable work time from your employees.

Incorporate Project Management Software

Communication is key to running a successful workplace, and a general network infrastructure can only do so much to keep your projects organized and finished on time. Project management software like Google Teams, Trello, and Slack can help keep all of your assigned work in one place. Each of these interfaces allows employees to chat quickly as well as update their progress and due dates on individual projects. You can see your workload at a glance, and quickly address any issues regarding meeting times, project details, and productivity.

Clearly, saving time isn’t just about adding new members to your team. In order to develop a productive and healthy work system, you need to pinpoint meeting purposes, have an easy-to-use project management software installed, and outsource your technology management. To take the first step to saving valuable work time by taking IT services off of your plate, give Marcus Networking a call today.