Are you in need of a new server?


Are you in need of a new server?

Have you ever upgraded your server before?  According to Tech Republic, “for years, data centers benefited from the largess of Moore’s law, with each upgrade demanding the latest enterprise-grade processors, and the explosion of multi-core chips and new fabrication technologies packing unfathomable levels of processing horsepower into each new generation of processors.  However, powering and cooling these monsters has combined with the fact that many applications simply don’t need the raw computing muscle of the latest multi-core behemoth.”

Tech Republic goes on to discuss a more efficient and economic server designed by HP.  “With Moonshot, HP has simply productized a notion that’s been circulating in some circles for years, that lower-power mobile processors are ‘good enough’ for most enterprise computing tasks, and the ability to cram several of them into a small space outweighs any performance penalty”.

If you are looking to upgrade your server, contact Marcus Networking at 602.427.5027.  We will help you in the selection and implementation of a server that will best suit your needs.  If you are interested in reading more about HP’s new server, visit Tech Republic’s website at:

Source: Patrick Gray, Tech Republic. (April 10, 2013). “HP rethinks the server”.