Backing up your Data Offsite


Backing up your Data Offsite

As stated in previous blog posts, it is a good idea to back up your data in a place other than the office.  This is good so that in the event something were to happen office wide, your data would be secured and untouched somewhere else.  You could then easily access the data that you need and restore your office to the way it was before the incident happened.

According to ETech7, “After all, keeping your data entirely onsite is a risky proposition. This is what has prompted the general movement toward the use of offsite server backup operations in remote server locations. With this kind of backup available, it makes less sense to keep all of your data in your office location and subject to the same physical threats your office may come under at some point in the future. While the risks are fairly low on a day to day basis, sooner or later probability catches up with most everyone.”

This is important to realize.  It is better to begin to store your information elsewhere so if that terrible day came where something happened, you could have peace of mind knowing that all of your data is secure and will have no problems retrieving it.

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Source: Chris Hodge, ETech7. (April 30, 2013). “Moving Beyond Onsite Data Backup”.