The costs of keeping Windows XP


The costs of keeping Windows XP

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, Microsoft will be discontinuing support of its Windows XP. Not only will it cost you more in the long run to support it, but it will require lengthy repair time.

According to InfoWorld, “The increased costs don’t end with the CSA. Based on data from IDC , the cost of administering, supporting, managing and using Windows XP systems is substantially higher than Windows 7 systems.

For example, the average IT time to handle operational activities (patches, user administration, security activities, maintaining images, etc.) is 3.0 hours per PC for a Windows XP system and only 0.9 hours for Windows 7, based on IDC data. And it doesn’t end there. IDC says the average IT hours per PC for downtime totals 2.9 for Windows XP and 0.6 hours for Windows 7. ”

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Source: InfoWorld. (August 2013). “Windows XP: A compliance and risk nightmare in April 2014”.