Hard Drive Encryption Part Two


Hard Drive Encryption Part Two

Encryption of a hard drive can save you many headaches and worries when dealing with valuable information that you do not want in the hands of someone who shouldn’t have access to it.  In continuing with the topic of encrypting your hard drives, Tech Republic identifies another program called Kruptos 2 Professional.  According to Tech Republic, “You can also create encrypted ZIPs and self-extracting EXE files as well as secure deletions so that files cannot be recovered so easily. Before running the application, it’s advisable to run it as Administrator in order to avoid any file-write errors that could come up in some directories.”  This program and many others like it are beneficial in that they protect you from any hackers, making it difficult to hack in to files that are of value.

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Source: Matthew Nawrocki, Tech Republic. (May 16, 2013). “Five Apps for disk and file encryption in Windows”.