How is Cloud Computing Changing the IT Industry?

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How is Cloud Computing Changing the IT Industry?

Cloud computing is changing the IT industry because there is less cost in ownership, equipment, software, configuration and more solutions available for companies looking to expand.  IT professionals are doing need different skills because knowledge in network topology, data and infrastructure, wide area networks and security are more essential today, than ever before.


Eric Marcus says one of the biggest misconceptions about cloud computing is, you don’t need a person to manage it.  Customers still have issues where they need an actual person to help set up emails or firewalls, troubleshoot problems and provide on-going support.   IT management should still be in an office and we pride ourselves on providing 24/7 support to clients.


Cloud computing provides several benefits to customers, for instance a VoiP system bundles phone, data and video into one unified service, so you can do more with less.  It allows you to communicate with satellite offices for free because long distance charges are eliminated since everything is done over the internet.  Another nice feature is software can be installed on laptop computers for sales associates and when they dial out of their computer; it appears they are in the office.


However, cloud computing does have some disadvantages.  For instance, people don’t fully understand it and haven’t taken the time to get educated.  They just react to marketing and think it’s going to be a low cost option and try to sign up and get started without knowing how to use the product.