Improvements in Microsoft Excel 2013


Improvements in Microsoft Excel 2013

The latest version of Microsoft Excel makes using the program more user friendly not only for the people who use it all the time, but for people who are new to using it as well.  If you are not familiar with Excel, this program will make it easier for you to complete a spreadsheet complete with graphs, charts, etc.

According to Tech Republic, “Experienced number crunchers will appreciate the new data model feature. Inexperienced users forced to get more out of the application than their experience really supports will appreciate Recommended Charts, Recommended PivotTables, and Quick Analysis. The emphasis seems to be on easy access to features that were, prior to 2013, a bit harder to implement.”

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Source: Susan Harkins, Tech Republic. (September 30, 2013). “10 best new features in Excel 2013”.