Issues with Windows XP in 2014


Issues with Windows XP in 2014

As mentioned in many previous blog posts, Microsoft will be discontinuing service of Windows XP in April 2014. This will force many businesses to decide on whether or not to upgrade to new equipment. This decision may be easier when factoring in all of the costs of keeping this aging equipment. Security measures to keep your system safe are always evolving, which could be a problem when Microsoft no longer supports XP.

According to InfoWorld, “Beyond this there are new threat types, primarily those that use object-oriented technology, which may require new versions of AV software. These pieces of malware hide common malware “signatures” within an object that requires the latest AV solutions and technology to detect and remediate. Old AV tools are ineffective as they only focus on the signatures, which are now hidden. Windows XP-based systems will therefore be highly vulnerable to this malware technology. ”

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