IT in 2015

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IT in 2015

What does the future hold for departments such as Information Technology?  According to Tech Republic, “we’re going to see most of traditional IT administration and support functions outsourced to third-party consultants.”  Marcus Networking is able to provide you and your business with IT support and administration.  Tech Republic goes on to say, “many of the IT administrators and support professionals who currently work directly for corporations will transition to working for big vendors or consultancies in the future as companies switch to purchasing IT services on an as-needed basis in order to lower costs, get a higher level of expertise, and get 24/7/365 coverage.”  MNI provides 24/7/365 coverage to your business and will respond to any technical problems in 5 minutes or less.

Tech Republic believes that project managers will be the new IT departments in 2015.  They say that project managers “will be business analysts who will help the company leaders and managers make good technology decisions.”  MNI also provides advice to businesses when it comes to making decisions about which technology and telecom products & services would best suit a business.

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