Keeping your machines up to date: Windows XP


Keeping your machines up to date: Windows XP

It is always important to keep your machines up to date with the latest programs and versions of software to avoid possible security problems.  It has been stated that Microsoft will discontinue the support of Windows XP next year.  This is a operating system that is used by many offices which may want to consider upgrading.

According to an article by InfoWorld, “Microsoft has announced that it will end active support and “end of life” Windows XP on April 8, 2014. Now, as that date fast approaches, the highly negative consequences of continuing to use Windows XP in enterprise environments are becoming much clearer. After that date, IT security risks and compliance issues from continued use will be magnified.”

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Source: InfoWorld. (August 2013). “Windows XP- A Compliance and Risk Nightmare in April 2014”.