Microsoft Office Improvements: Part Three


Microsoft Office Improvements: Part Three

When editing on Microsoft Office, you are able to insert comments into the side margins to not some suggestions or changes you want to make.  In the past it gets very confusing as to who is the one commenting if you have more than a few comments.  This year’s version of Office seems to correct this issue.

In continuing with Friday’s blog post about the many improvements to Microsoft Office, Tech Republic states “Thankfully, Microsoft has rebuilt the comment feature. It is now easy to tell who made which comment, and the comments are arranged in threads (similar to text messages), which makes it easy to stay organized.”  This makes it far easier to see who is commenting on what and seems like it would be easier to read.

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Source: Brien Posey, Tech Republic. (June 3, 2013). “My 10 favorite things about Office 2013”.