Old Equipment and your Security


Old Equipment and your Security

When disposing of old equipment it is important to protect yourself from any possible security breach.  According to Tech Republic, one thing that you should do in order to protect yourself is to “eliminate access”.  “Ensure that you eliminate any accounts or other access control facilities that are associated with the decommissioned equipment. You don’t want an ex-employee still getting into his old workstation after he’s not supposed to have access to it any longer, and you don’t want lingering network access accounts used to remotely connect to the computer providing more ‘target surface’ for security crackers when you don’t need the account at all any longer. You should generally do this first.”

Marcus Networking can ensure that you and your business are secure.  We can also assist you in selecting and implementing new systems.  Contact us at 602.427.5027 if you have any questions about your security or if you are looking for new hardware for your business.

Source: Chad Perrin, Tech Republic. (2011). “10 things you should do to securely dispose of computers”.