Professionalism in VoIP Phone Systems


Professionalism in VoIP Phone Systems

Professionalism and first impressions are huge when it comes to owning your own business.  Your goal is to become well known in the community and provide great first impressions to your clients in order for the company to grow.  VoIP phone systems allow you to project that professional image to your clientele with features such as auto-attendant.

According to InfoWorld, “Keeping the phones covered as your business grows can be a challenge. Adding more headcount just to cover phones is often impractical. A more streamlined way to handle inbound calls is required, and VoIP fits the bill, with options like auto attendant and call routing to the employee best suited to handle each call.

Some Business VoIP solutions can provide more advanced capabilities that let companies manage their own call centers, either for sales operations or for customer service. The fact that all of my employees have their own voicemail and direct numbers to their offices can eliminate the cost of a secretary.

Features like the auto attendant—an automated receptionist that can route your calls for you—allows your company to be more efficient and project a professional image. Callers to your main number hear a professionally-recorded greeting “For sales, press 1; For the company directory, press 2 etc. “and can self-select the department or person they wish to speak with. This saves both time and human resources.”

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