The Cost of Data Loss


The Cost of Data Loss

The effects of losing data can be catastrophic, but can be avoided if backed up properly.  Not only does the loss of data affect your day to day operations until you get everything back and resume normal activity, but it affects your wallet as well.

According to ETech7, “When your company loses its data, there is no physical harm to anyone under most circumstances. But the harm that failing to use both an onsite data backup strategy and its offsite counterpart can cause is quite devastating. The amount of damage it can do to your business over the weeks and months after the event occurs can be measured in a lot of money you may not make, a lot of business you may lose and a huge amount of employee time spent picking up the pieces instead of being productive.”

Although this has been mentioned in a previous blog post, it is important to realize how important it is to back up information.  It can cause several problems, many of which are not thought about until an event occurs where you lose data.

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Source: Mark Kandinov, ETech7. (April 23, 2013). “Data Loss Statistics Don’t Tell the Whole Story”.