The Use of Email


The Use of Email

As mentioned in previous blog posts, we use email in our day to day lives both at work and at home.  Email has become a form of communication where we can send instantaneous messages to somebody.  In the business world, this form of communication is something that we rely on to send messages instantly to a client, a co-worker, etc.

When discussing the future of email, according to Siemens Enterprise Communications, “Much to everyone’s surprise, the use of email grows globally in 2013. Despite forecasts from social media executives of email’s demise, it will continue as the central means of electronic communication for business, due to its structured, auditable, familiar and ubiquitous nature. Growth in email system add-ins, such as email productivity and filtering tools, will spike during 2013. Ironically, most business users will continue to get their social media activity stream updates in their email inbox.”  This shows that the use of email is only going to rise.  Not only will it rise, but it may change to be more efficient.

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Source: Siemens Enterprise Communications. (2012). “Top Ten Predictions for 2013”.