Upgrading from Windows XP


Upgrading from Windows XP

After April 2014, it will be costly to upkeep systems such as Windows XP. If an issue arose, it will cost a lot of money and time to resolve it.

According to InfoWorld, “End users are also impacted by Windows XP’s additional costs. The cost of end-user non-productivity and wasted time can be quite high, as even mid-level employees may have a fully burdened cost of $800 per day based on a $90,000 salary, and a $200,000 yearly fully burdened cost. So when IDC says the average number of hours spent per PC per year for help desk calls is 4.8 for an Windows XP system and 0.8 for a Windows 7 system, that’s $400 of fully loaded employee cost for just that aspect .”

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Source: InfoWorld. (August 2013). “Windows XP: A compliance and risk nightmare in April 2014”.