VoIP Phone Systems


VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems are a great investment for a small business.  There are many features that will benefit you as a business.

According to InfoWorld, “A business VoIP phone system helps small businesses present a professional front to customers, no matter how small the company really is. Services like auto-attendant— an automated receptionist that can route you calls for you—show customers that you are just as tech-savvy and in control of your business as your larger competitors.

VoIP lets you share one main number across all your locations and allows for incoming calls to ring at phones in virtually any location in the country. In addition, the virtual phone allows you to make calls from anywhere in the world as if you we’re in your offices. VoIP allows you to better collaborate by calling extensions to reach people in other sites, you also have access to Internet fax and conference bridge facilities. A ‘standard’ PBX system wouldn’t allow the flexibility to interact with the other offices without purchasing multiple systems.”

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Source: InfoWorld.