3 Benefits of Cloud Backups

cloud backups

3 Benefits of Cloud Backups

There is still a lot of buzz about “the cloud” and “cloud backups” floating around, and there are still plenty of businesses that are still not fully on board with what the cloud is. The cloud is really just the internet. Cloud backups are simply a virtual way to back up your information without taking up “storage space” or without needing your own server. There are three key benefits to cloud backups that you should know.

It Is More Affordable

IT management can get expensive. Recent stats indicate that the IT managed services market is going to hit the $193 billion value mark soon. You can save money by opting for cloud backups instead of traditional server backups. A cloud backup, restoration, and recovery solution mean that you do not have to invest in expensive hardware. The cost savings can be very significant.

Instead of paying for expensive systems, you can have the same level of backup and safety with a cloud solution. It is a cost-effective solution for a wide range of businesses.

Instant Recovery

With this type of backup system, if something goes wrong on site, your system can be immediately restored from anywhere. Keep in mind, this is something a traditional backup method cannot do in the case of physical damage. Let’s say there is a fire, with a cloud recovery solution in place, you can easily still access your data. With the traditional server backup system, once there is physical damage, it is impossible to recover.

Heightened Security for File Transfers

Files that are marked to be backed up are completely encrypted before they are transmitted to the “cloud vault” and once they are stored in the vault they remain encrypted. The only one that has the decryption key is you. This system is far superior to onsite backup options when it comes to securing your data.

Cloud backup is an easy way to save money, save time, and reduce backup worries. You can take advantage of all the benefits this solution has to offer by connecting with a team that can provide you with managed IT services that are focused on supporting your business. Learn more today about what cloud computing has to offer by contacting us.