Advances in Technology and IT


Advances in Technology and IT

Technology is always advancing, making it difficult to stay up to date on the latest and greatest advancements.  According to Dimension Data, “ the most impactful factor contributing to skills shortage is the pace of technological change.  Given the day-to-day pressures of in-house IT support teams in ensuring maximum business continuity, not much time or budget is left to channel into up skilling employees on the latest advances.”  Marcus Networking is constantly learning the latest advancements in the IT field.

Dimension Data goes on to say “one of the most important reasons why organizations need external support services is because they lack the required in-house technical skills.  Exacerbating this problem is the general shortage of technical skills worldwide, as well as the more pronounced lack in developing geographies into which international organizations might want to expand.”

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Source: Dimension Data.  “The Hidden Costs of IT Support”.