The battle of BYOD


The battle of BYOD

A great article on BYOD…. As a IT company we deal with these issues daily.


Submitted by Teo UC News on Tuesday, August 13, 2013
The increased adoption ofBring Your Own Device(BYOD) policies has resulted in the need for additional security resources at many enterprises. As IT professionals struggle to address security concerns associated with employee devices that operate on various OSs, some executives are crossing their fingers and hoping that their decisions to go BYOD-friendly won’t come back to haunt them.

In fact, ZDNet reported that a recent survey it conducted found that “devising a security policy” and “implementing appropriate mobile device management (MDM) software,” were the two top concerns IT workers cited regarding BYOD.

Finding the right safeguards for corporate networks is certainly more complicated in the current business world than it used to be. However, executives need to realize that there is a paradigm shift currently taking place in the field of business communications technology. As the method is still in an early stage of adoption and development, BYOD workplaces are not as sophisticated as they will be years from now, particularly when it comes to security. Fortunately for business leaders, the MDM market is likely to see significant development in the coming years, as security solutions companies look to cash in on the increase in enterprise mobility.

Crowded industry 
Strategy Analytics recently released a report highlighting the trends that are expected to play out in the MDM market. The source predicted that more vendors will get into the mobile security game, which should benefit BYOD adopters.

“We see vendors from a range of IT security and services backgrounds are now converging on the MDM space with the aim of taking a significant share of this market,” said Gina Luk, a senior analyst with Strategy Analytics.

With the market open to a growing number of security providers, the source speculated that the MDM sector is set for a massive shakeup. Within the next two years, experts with Strategy Analytics believe that there will be a significant amount of mergers and buyouts as the best vendors rise to the top.

As a result of the frenzied fight for MDM clients, business leaders using BYOD setups are likely to benefit. Vendors will need to create innovative and complex services and security solutions if they want to stand out and have a chance to survive. The increased competition should be welcomed by executives, and may go a long way to easing the concerns some hold regarding BYOD.