Changing Over From Windows XP


Changing Over From Windows XP

As mentioned in previous blog posts, Microsoft is discontinuing service and support of Windows XP starting Spring 2014.  This decision raises many questions and concerns with businesses still utilizing this hardware system.

According to InfoWorld, “A final technology issue is not a vulnerability, but an incompatibility. New systems based on the 4th generation Intel® CoreTM processor family will not run Windows XP. It’s unclear why a user would want to bring Windows XP onto a new system, but it is a fact worth noting. Development of a Windows XP image for that new notebook simply won’t happen. It’s also important to note that Windows XP doesn’t support key features found in new Intel processors and chip sets that provide support for new and faster wireless networks, new storage solutions or the improvements in video needed for collaboration and video conferencing.”

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Source: InfoWorld. “Windows XP Compliance and Risk Nightmares”.