Cyber Security for Business

tech solutions

Cyber Security for Business

tech solutions

Did you know that about 60% of all small victims that experience a cyberattack are so impacted by it that they go out of business within six months of the attack? This is a good reason for pause. As a business owner, you need to take your tech solutions seriously to create better cyber security.

Start With Employee Education

A good cyber security system starts by letting your employees know what they should and should not do. Please talk about the various important steps they can take, including avoiding certain sites, using email scanning programs, setting up filters for phishing, and other simple steps.

Limit Personal Email Use

Your employees shouldn’t be using their unprotected personal email profiles at work. Instead, they should use your protected programs to mitigate phishing and other types of scams. Limit or outright ban these programs to make it easier for your employees to avoid causing accidental damage to your system.

Filtering Malicious Sites

Set up strict filters that keep your employees out of malicious sites. You may want to consider limiting or banning social media, as Facebook and other sites are often where such issues originate. Set up guidelines for violating these rules, including losing certain privileges and more.

Add New Firewalls

If your old firewall is not good enough for your protection, it might be time to update your protection. Firewalls may also benefit from a VPN or a virtual protection network that places your operation in an unhackable virtual network that should keep your employees and business safe and secure.

Limit Network Access

Your tech solutions should include not only requiring passwords on all used devices but limiting which items can get on a network. Limit network visibility to just a handful of items, including removing mobile access for your employees’ and customers’ phones, unless needed.

Update Anti-Virus and Security Systems

Pay attention to all patches and updates for your operating system, security, and anti-virus/malware systems. Don’t skimp out by installing everyone once and being done! Take the time to make regular updates as virus databases expand constantly, and this protection should keep you safe from serious risks.

As you can see, your tech solutions will vary depending on your needs. Ensure that you take each of these options seriously and contact a professional who can help you. Handling these security needs will minimize your risk and provide you with the help to avoid conflicts.