Disposal of Old Equipment


Disposal of Old Equipment

In previous blog posts, I have discussed various things that you can do with old computer equipment, as discussed in one of Tech Republic’s articles about the matter.  There comes a time where it is necessary to discard equipment when it becomes so obsolete that it is pointless to keep it around.  However, throwing something in the garbage means that it can not be used by anyone.  Instead of tossing your equipment in the garbage, you can sometimes trade it in.

According to Tech Republic, “Never underestimate your ability to trade up to new equipment by turning in your old equipment. You can secure a discount that may be as much as one-third of your new equipment retail price. If you lease equipment instead of buying it, a mechanism in the lease contract allows you to get credit for older equipment on the lease that you are exchanging for new.”

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Source: Mary Shacklett, Tech Republic. (February 5, 2013). “10 things to do with old computing equipment”.