Electronic Health Records


Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records are being implemented in most doctor’s offices that you visit today.  These medical records are stored electronically, providing efficiency for both doctor and patient.

According to an article posted on PRWeb, “with unmet expectations in system features, implementations, deliverables and client support issues…….17% of all currently implemented physician practices gear up for changing out solutions, in what may become the Year of the Great EHR Vendor Switch.”

If you are looking for a new EMR/EHR system or  new hardware that will support a new or existing  EMR/EHR, contact Marcus Networking at (602) 427-5027.  We will assist you in the design, installation and implementation of new equipment that will ensure your EMR/EHR platform will work correctly.

If you would like to read PRWeb’s full article about EHR’s, visit:

Source: PRWeb. (Feb. 18, 2013). “Electronic health record sellers face make-or-break year of client ultimatums and revolts, reveals 2013 Black Book survey”.