Features You May Not Know About in Office


Features You May Not Know About in Office

When writing a document or completing a spreadsheet in Microsoft Office, it is convenient to know shortcuts so that you can make changes in a quick, efficient manner.  Instead of highlighting everything to change the font style, there are shortcuts that make this easier.

Tech Republic identifies many features in Microsoft Office that many people don’t know even exist.  According to Tech Republic, “Most users know how to use Replace, but they don’t realize how versatile and powerful the feature is. For instance, you can replace multiple spaces with a tab, append text to an existing phrase, change all instances of italicized text to bold, and much more. To move beyond this feature’s basic use, read 10 cool ways to get more from Word’s Find and Replace feature. Excel’s Replace feature is more limited than Word’s, but some of these tips will also work in Excel.”

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Source: Susan Harkins, Tech Republic. (February 28, 2013). “10 underused Office features”.