Helpful Applications for Businesses


Helpful Applications for Businesses

When it comes to owning a business, it is even more important that the money that you spend on products will bring you some sort of return down the road.  As mentioned in previous blog posts, it is important that you invest in equipment that will last you a while, so that you do not have to turn around in a year or two and have to replace the equipment you have just purchased.  Tech Republic recently posted an article discussing applications that are perfect for the small business setting and will be well worth the investment.  One of these applications allows you to keep your clients information with you, even if you are not physically in the office.

According to Tech Republic, “Customer Relationship Management moving to the cloud has created a range of CRM platforms that are affordable to SMBs using a subscription-based model. The major cloud CRM solutions also come with mobile apps.

Sage CRM Sales Lite is a mobile CRM app that’s definitely well suited for SMBs, because it’s lightweight and easy to use. Putting a CRM on your iPhone means that you’ll never have to be without the latest customer information and insights into your sales pipeline.”

Applications such as Sage CRM Sales Lite will benefit your business, without having to shell out loads of money.  There are millions of useful apps in the palm of our hands, this is one that is great for the business setting.

Source: Will Kelly, Tech Republic. (August 5, 2013). “Apps for the SMB owner’s iPhone”.