How secure are you?


How secure are you?

In keeping with the theme of security, it is important to take as many steps as possible in order to keep your business and information safe.  According to Websense, “the web became significantly more malicious in 2012, both as an attack vector and as the primary support element of other attack trajectories (e.g., social, mobile, email).  Websense recorded a nearly 6-fold increase in malicious sites overall.  Moreover, 85 percent of these sites were found on legitimate web hosts that had been compromised.”

If you are growing concerned about the safety of your information and company, contact Marcus Networking at 602.427.5027.  We will be able to diagnose any security threats and help implement tools that will assist in avoiding any hackers or security breaches.

Source: Websense. (2013). “2013 Threat Report”.