Improvements to Microsoft Office: Part Four


Improvements to Microsoft Office: Part Four

In continuing with the last blog post about Microsoft Office, many people insert items from outside resources into their documents.  Whether it be pictures, or charts that you have found online, you have been able to insert it into a document using Microsoft Office.  Microsoft Office 2013 is taking this a step further, letting you add additional items from different places into your documents.

According to Tech Republic, “Office has long offered the ability to insert content such as pictures and video into documents. Although these capabilities still exist in Office 2013, Microsoft has added some new options. Office 2013 lets you insert online content such as online pictures and online video. Doing so gives you the ability to incorporate content from sources such as SkyDrive, Bing, and Facebook.”

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Source: Brien Posey, Tech Republic. (June 3, 2013). “My 10 favorite things about Office 2013”.