Investment in Data Backups


Investment in Data Backups

As mentioned in several previous blog posts, it is extremely important to have data backups.  If something were to ever happen to your data at the office and you needed to wipe everything clean, it is good to know that all of your important information has been backed up and can be easily restored.  It is just as important to invest in equipment that is both reliable and will last you some time.  The last thing you want to find out is you are unable to access the data backups because the equipment did not hold up.  Tech Republic recently posted an article concerning both investments for businesses and data backups.

According to Tech Republic, “Many SMBs want to get by with built-in backup software. Windows Server backup does a good job, but when you need serious backup that will allow you to recover from an image, you’ll have to break down and purchase a third-party backup solution. I say this with a grain of “hoo boy!” because we all know no backup solution is perfect. But having the ability to recover from bare metal will, in the long run, save your company a lot of bottom line.”

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Source: Jack Wallen, Tech Republic. (July 2, 2013). “10 purchases SMBs really need to make”.