Network Downtime & Managed Services


Network Downtime & Managed Services

When hiring IT professionals to both manage and monitor your network, not only do you have to spend time fixing the problem, but in most cases the problem can be resolved before it grows into a larger issue.  Network downtime can be costly, especially if you are the one who has to spend your time attempting to resolve the issue.

When discussing the cost of network downtime, Solarwinds states: “Network downtime can be directly quantified by simply calculating the cost of the time a network professional spends troubleshooting and resolving the cause of the downtime. This cost, however, is simply the tip of the iceberg as far as the total cost of network downtime is concerned. Lost employee productivity, lost revenue, and lost customer goodwill are all examples of costs that are harder to calculate but have a much greater impact.”

If you are looking to implement managed services to avoid network downtime, and the productivity lost on fixing the issues, contact Marcus Networking at 602.427.5027.

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