Proactive Monitoring Services


Proactive Monitoring Services

Proactive Monitoring Services are implemented to monitor your systems and to make sure everything is functioning properly.  According to Dimension Data, “with a proactive monitoring service in place, the service provider has direct visibility and access to the client’s infrastructure.  When a problem occurs, it’s notified automatically and immediately by the device or network itself, and can take the necessary action to rectify the problem – sometimes even before the client’s normal working hours commence.  It also eliminates the need for the client’s own help desk to get involved, as well as the risk that information may be passed on erroneously.  Faster access to better information means faster fixes, less or zero downtime, and less or zero loss of revenue.”

Marcus Networking offers a proactive monitoring service to better serve your IT needs.  If you are interesting in a proactive monitoring service, or any of our managed services, give us a call at 602.427.5027.

Source: Dimension Data. “The Hidden Costs of IT Support”.