The Importance of Educating about Security


The Importance of Educating about Security

In continuation with yesterday’s blog post about security, it is important that everybody at the workplace understand how important your security is and how easy it is to download or fall for a virus which will infect your network.  Although you may know how important it is to scan through your emails, not downloading any suspicious attachments, somebody may accidentally download something thinking it is an important file.  It is important to educate everybody about the importance of what a virus or malware could do.

According to Tech Republic, “The most important steps for a business of any size to protect itself from cyber-attacks is to be aware of the most obvious and dangerous variants. Secondly, it is key to educate employees how to recognize and avoid accidentally bringing a virus/malware/trojan into the corporate network. A recent survey by Dell SonicWALL customers shows that 68 percent of all businesses reported that employees cannot identify fraudulent attacks on the corporate network.

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Source: Guest Contributor, Tech Republic. (February 8, 2013). “Cybersecurity challenges in 2013”.