Tips on Creating an Effective Website


Tips on Creating an Effective Website

When putting together a website for your business, you want to make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing and that it is informative.  You want to take your time and make sure that everything is in order before posing your website live for everybody to see.  As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, many opinions about your business are formed when somebody first looks at a company’s website.  Tech Republic posted an article recently discussing tips on creating an informative website.

According to Tech Republic, “Take the time to interview a variety of Web designers and developers and then make the best choice for your business. It is advisable to include in your RFP (request for proposal) the requirement that you be able to build out and maintain your Web site once it is created. This gives you control over a powerful corporate asset.”

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Source: Mary Shacklett, Tech Republic. (August 14, 2013).  “10 best practices for SMB Web sites”.