Tips on Security when Disposing of Equipment


Tips on Security when Disposing of Equipment

When it comes time to dispose of your old computers you want to take every step necessary to ensure that your information does not land in the hands of someone you do not intend it to be in.  This could cause lots of problems, especially if there is sensitive information on those systems.  There are different ways to ensure that your data is destroyed when disposing of a computer.

According to Tech Republic, “Even reformatting or repartitioning a drive to “erase” the data it stores isn’t good enough these days (if it ever was); tools such as the shred utility can help you delete files more securely. Encrypting the data on the drive before doing any deletion can help make data even more difficult to recover later.”

These techniques will assist you in your overall safety when it comes time to dispose of that old equipment.  If you have any questions about your security, contact Marcus Networking at 602.427.5027

Source: Chad Perrin, Tech Republic. (April 21, 2011). “10 things you should do to securely dispose of computers”.