Your Security


Your Security

Creating a secure network is key to storing your information in a safe environment.  According to Kaseya, “most security strategies are focused on specific security threats, whether its antivirus, network security or phishing attacks, but hackers today are sophisticated enough to evade conventional defenses.  Organizations need to better understand where the last line of defense stands and develop a comprehensive and holistic security strategy that is able to break down the silos of defense and create awareness.”

Marcus Networking provides a review with comprehensive reports of discovered devices, noting equipment serviced by the network.  MNI reports on all assets and provides you with a site hardware status and site warranty status.  In addition, all workstation hardware and inventory of software will be assessed.  Marcus Networking will evaluate the network server health, workstation health & Windows licensing.  MNI summarizes those reports with site security & site business as well as executive summaries.

If you have any questions regarding the security of your network, contact Marcus Networking at 602.427.5027. 

Source: Kaseya. (2012). “Avoiding the seven deadly sins of IT security”.