A plan to recover from an IT disaster: Part Two


A plan to recover from an IT disaster: Part Two

It is important to create a plan ahead of time just in case something happens to your information, so that you can recover the information that is lost or damaged.  This plan will cause you far less stress and worries than if you did not have one and had to start from square one when your data was lost.

ETech7 identifies several different ways to plan ahead and create a plan.  One strategy that ETech7 states is to recognize and identify what systems you are planning to back up.  “Your company most likely has a lot of different types of systems being used by employees in different areas. Your IT disaster recovery planning needs to make certain that whatever plan you choose will work effectively with all of the different kinds of hardware and software that it will be used in concert with.”

If you are looking to implement a plan in case something were to happen to your hardware or network, contact Marcus Networking at 602.427.5027.

Source: Ribi Khaimov, ETech7. (December 25, 2012). “The 12 Most Important Steps to Take for IT Disaster Recovery Planning”.