Network Monitoring


Network Monitoring

When it comes to the monitoring of your network, it is important to find a company who will keep a close eye on what is going on, and diagnose and fix any issues that arise with the utmost urgency so that you can carry on with your work day without worrying about any technology and IT issues.  Network monitoring is not just for large corporations anymore.  In fact, according to Solarwinds, “companies of different sizes across all industries are implementing network management and monitoring software and, as a result, experiencing strong ROI, improved data analysis and reporting, and reduced network downtime. Even in an environment of financial prudence, organizations are finding a strong business case for investing in network management and monitoring software today.”

Network monitoring will create far less headaches for the business employees, as they will not be using their valuable work hours to diagnose and resolve any IT issues.  In many instances, when a company such as Marcus Networking monitors someone’s network and detects a problem, it is identified and remediated before the issue becomes a very noticeable problem.  This allows you to stay focused on the many tasks at hand throughout the workday.

If you are interested in network monitoring, contact Marcus Networking at 602.427.5027.  We would be able to monitor the network of your business, remediating issues giving you less distractions and headaches.

Source: Brad Hale, Solar Winds. (2012). “The ROI of Network Management & Monitoring”.