Are you heating your server room?


Are you heating your server room?

Before you turn on the heat in your office during the winter months, you may want to make sure you aren’t heating your server room.  Many companies don’t have a separate unit for their server room, which means they are accidentally heating their server room.  This can be a costly mistake if you leave it running for long periods of time without any ventilation.  Server rooms can heat to over 120 degrees!

If you do not have a separate heating and cooling unit for your server room, here are a few tips:

  • Open the doors: make sure the room is getting some ventilation, so the equipment doesn’t overheat.
  • Keep a fan handy: running a small fan can help keep the room cool while moving the air around.
  • Contact your HVAC provider and ask them to shut off the vent in the server room or consider putting in a portable AC unit for year-round use.  Portable AC units can be purchased for approximately $400.