Data Backups


Data Backups

Keeping your data backed up saves you a lot of money and time if something were to happen to your machines.  If your machines receive a virus where you need to restore your system, it is crucial that you have your valuable data stored in a place where it can be accessed and brought back after your hardware has been cleaned of any viruses.

ETech7 discusses instances where you may need to restore your data if something were to occur to your hardware onsite.  According to ETech7, “In most cases, your data will not be entirely removed during a hack attack or in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Your data will simply be fragmented and corrupted. While you might think that simply having corrupted data isn’t so bad, in many cases corrupt data is worse than no data at all. Corrupt data exists in the servers of thousands of businesses right now. Unfortunately, many of these businesses are not even aware of their data corruption.”  This shows how something as simple as corrupt data can cause such a headache to businesses who rely heavily on their hardware and machinery to protect their data.

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