Great Apps for Small Businesses


Great Apps for Small Businesses

The smartphone has become something that we rely on to do our daily work.  It is a major convenience to have everything in the palm of your hands.  As mentioned in several different blog posts thousands of apps are available, many of which are suited for the business setting.

According to Tech Republic, “Sage CRM Sales Lite is a mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management) app that’s definitely well suited for SMBs, because it’s lightweight and easy to use. Putting a CRM on your iPhone means that you’ll never have to be without the latest customer information and insights into your sales pipeline.”

Apps such as Sage CRM make working on the go possible, having the ability to check on your business when you are away from the office.

Source: Will Kelly, Tech Republic. (August 1, 2013). “Apps for the SMB owner’s iPhone”.