The Use of 3D Printing


The Use of 3D Printing

3D printing is an up and coming piece of machinery that is a great investment.  This piece of equipment can print models of anything you design.  Tech Republic posted an article discussing the use of 3D printing, in which it discussed that this piece of equipment is a great investment for a small business.

According to Tech Republic, “3D printing is offering a world of promise for many markets. These amazing devices enable the small business to easily fabricate products that can serve as three-dimensional mock-ups or even as the final product. 3D printers have come far in the last few years, and the results are close (if not dead on) to a finished product. From clothing, to casts, to models, to — well, just about anything. Compare this to the price of having mock-ups and products machined, and the cost savings is apparent. On top of that, you can easily “print” one-off products geared specifically to individual customers, which will set your business well apart from others.”

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Source: Jack Wallen, Tech Republic. (August 7, 2013). “10 innovations that can save money for small businesses”.