The Use of Social Media among Businesses


The Use of Social Media among Businesses

Social media is something that most of us use in our everyday lives.  Whether it be for a business or personal use, we stay connected with each other using this tool.  Social media is a great way to broadcast a message or to keep in touch.  Businesses have begun to utilize social media and have been able to reach a large audience because of it.

When discussing the future of social media in terms of business use, Siemens states “In 2013, millions of social networking users will grow burdened and frustrated with the digital mosh pit of today’s social media content. As social media ‘fatigue’ sets in, a more structured, strategic and productive social media model will emerge that is actually suitable and useful for business users trying to engage with their marketplace. Quality will trump quantity on all social media metrics as business people demand that the signal-to-noise ratio of relevance and value in social media increases dramatically.”

It will be interesting to see what happens with businesses’ use of social media in 2013 to see if there are any changes like what Siemens predicts.