What to Do With Old Equipment


What to Do With Old Equipment

Many times when you have old equipment it is still in working order, but may not suit the needs of you or your business.  The issue arises of whether or not to throw away the equipment or donate it so that someone else can use it.

Tech Republic recently posted an article concerning the disposal of old equipment.  One suggestion that they mention is donating it to a local school.  “Corporate IT can partner with local schools by donating good but used equipment that they can use for technology projects. Some companies take this goodwill effort even further by partnering with schools in tech development programs that include student internships with the company. “Proven” interns from these programs can make excellent IT hires. The company also develops a great reputation in the community.”

This is one of many ways you can dispose of your equipment.  The plus side to this option is that someone else will be able to benefit from using the equipment and you know that it isn’t going to waste.  If you have any questions about implementing new equipment, contact Marcus Networking at 602.427.5027.

Source: Mary Shacklett, Tech Republic. (February 5, 2013). “10 things to do with old computing equipment”.