Whats HOT for 2014?


Whats HOT for 2014?

The name of the game is efficiency.  Companies want integrated systems, mobile devices, new phone systems and wireless to help in their quest to make everything more efficient.


Marcus Networking is seeing more companies move towards programs like AutoTask, a software program that integrates a broad range of critical business systems, including customer relationship management (CRM), service desk, tech scheduling, project management, billing and reporting, and provides real-time service delivery intelligence to help users understand the factors that drive their business and their profitability.


“We’re still amazed at how many companies don’t realize there are software programs like AutoTask,” said Eric Marcus, CEO of Marcus Networking.  “I just visited a new customer who was running four programs and was very excited to hear we could help streamline their efforts by pulling everything into one program.”


We’re also seeing more and more companies would want faster mobile devices for their sales people or warehouses.  A client in the manufacturing industry is equipping its warehouse with iPads, so employees can check inventory through the device, instead of walking back and forth to the warehouse each time.


Companies are also looking for more efficient phone systems.  One of our clients had six employees answering the phone lines.  The recently put in a VOiP phone system which tracks incoming calls, how long they were on the phone, hold times and much more.  By adding the new phone system, it’s made those six employees much more productivity and efficient.


Another way companies are looking to get more efficient in 2014 is with wireless capabilities in multiple buildings.  A manufacturing client of MNI has five buildings within a five mile radius of each other and servers in one of those buildings.  They have currently been paying for internet in each building because they didn’t realize wireless would work in all five buildings.  MNI indentified the solution and saved the company approximately $2,500.


The end of the year is approaching quickly.  We’re available to do a comprehensive review of your IT and technology needs and make recommendations on ways to make your company more efficient in 2014!

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