Importance of Remaining Accessible & Mobile


Importance of Remaining Accessible & Mobile

Accessibility is key in operating a business.  Having the ability to be mobile and communicate with clients outside of the office is important in case you are not physically at the office.  Phone systems from TEO and Altigen offer this technology.  If you are outside of the office you can simply turn your smartphone into your office phone through an integrated app.  This forwards all of your calls to your cell phone so you don’t miss any important phone calls.

According to Tech Republic, “Your business needs to be mobile. Tablets, smartphones, laptops-you need the solutions to enable you to work away from the office. This might also require a VPN setup. Spend that money so you are not locked to the office at all times. Besides, consumers need to know you have caught up to current technology trends. I’ve seen many small businesses turn to tablets for checkout registers.  That is forward thinking and, on some levels, can help win over new customers.”

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Source: Jack Wallen, Tech Republic. (July 2, 2013). “10 purchases SMBs really need to make”.