Keeping Your Network Secure


Keeping Your Network Secure

As mentioned in many blog posts about security, it is important to take every measure possible to ensure you are secure.  There are many different ways that viruses can infect your network, causing many headaches and time to be spent fixing the issues.  Tech Republic posted an article concerning the topic of plug-ins and how they are being targeted as a viruses passageway into your network.

According to Tech Republic, “As security has improved in operating systems, the lower layers have become harder for malware to attack. So instead, the bad guys are looking at other avenues, and the one place that is now the most common attack vector is through a browser plugin. The reason is simple — we all use them, and most of us don’t keep track of which add-ons we have installed. Worse, plenty of software out there add their own plugins and it can be difficult to get rid of them.”

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Source: Patrick Lambert, Tech Republic. (February 27, 2013). “How to check and configure your browser plugins”.